Tuesday, 28 July 2020



We go on thinking new strategies to spread our work. We are on the way to start the second year on our project.
 We are ready to take on the challenge to get the best way to go on learning our traditions understanding much better our differences and our similarities improving our skills both IQ and EQ and help our students to be  ready for the future as adults, with respect and interest to the others.

We are looking for an inclusive and motivating teaching to encourage our students and our big educational community made up from all people of our six schools.

At this moment we are forced to modify and adapt our methodology until the time we can  participate on the scholar exchange in which both students and teachers will have the chance to learn through job shadowing and active participation during our stay in the different schools .

So as not to lose our work rhythm we are going to try improving our students TIC skills and spread and share all our learning and work waiting to bring our planning back.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

"Infiorata" in Italy

Our students did a research about the origins of the festivities and traditions related to the "Infiorata" in Italy and realized a colorful PPT...transformed in a musical video.

Saturday, 27 June 2020


We started in September with great enthusiasm and eagerness to share, to put into practice our planning with the schools that take part in our association and to learn from each other through local and European festivities as a starting point of our work.
It is our creature and we must feed and care for it to grow healthy and strong.
We have reached what would be the “Equator” of our project. We say it would be, because the circumstances caused by COVID-19 that have affected all over the world have forced us to modify our planning and temporarily put aside school exchange, the visits to different schools where we can learn from each other through observation and participation in their day to day both in schools and living with families during our stays.
Despite this, we have tried to go on our work from the distance, from our homes, thanks to the incredible collaboration of our students, their families and  all the educational community, without which this would not have been possible.
Taking a look back we can summarize through images our great job that hides hours and hours of preparation and sharing among all the participants, achieving rapprochement among our schools. As a complement, bonds of friendship have been created with the families whose connection is our project and which we hope will last over time. 
 And so, without having lost energy and enthusiasm, this summary of an atypical course serves as a tribute to our great family made up of six schools from places as different as Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania and Turkey and which thanks to our association we will be united in time and distance indefinitely.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

The students of Class 3B, inspired by the "Spirit of Europe", realized a special Flower Carpet to say THANK YOU to all the countries taking part in our project! 

Floral Carpets in Sicily

The students of Class 3D of our Institute collected the most beautiful pictures of Sicily's traditional Infiorata Festivals realizing a short colorful video.