Wednesday, 31 August 2022


It was an amazing experience even though we had a lot of difficulties. First the pandemic and then the Ukraine War.

We were finally able to participate in only three of the six planned exchanges, we had to work online to achieve our objectives, but we got it!

Now our Project is coming to an end but this doesn’t mean that we are going to stop. We are going to continue working on our European Festivities and Traditions and our students have broadened their sights and have great interest and curiosity in learning about other cultures.

They have created a good relationship among the students of the six schools and want to learn more and more.

This video shows a walk through the memories of our Project.



Sunday, 3 July 2022

School Exchange at the Bilnet Okullari in Samsun- Thank you for your great work!

                          BILNET OKULLARI - JUNE 5th- 11th

Thank you for your great work!!

During this week we could take part in many different activities at the Bilnet Okullari in Samsun. All the students and teachers helped us to feel good there.

A perfect organisation of time and space!

Here you can see the summary of this special week!! Enjoy!!


Thanks to Zeynep and her wonderful team!